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Products Application Areas

LAKTAS Products can be used in a variety of applications - from flooring to infill panels to decorative signs. Our diverse product selection utilizes various opening sizes and shapes that reduce weight while achieving results in security; light and sound diffusion; flow and filtration of gases, fluids and solids...
The aesthetic qualities of LAKTAS Products provide unlimited design possibilities for architects and designers. Browse our collection of "Hole" Product Applications below. Whether your application is a walkway, ramp, loading dock, mezzanine, stairway, decorative sign, awning or other - LAKTAS has the quality products to meet your needs!
Application Areas :-
‡‡ Perforated Metal ‡‡ Grating
‡‡ Expanded ‡‡ Wire Mesh
‡‡ Demister Pad ‡‡ Welded Wire Mesh
‡‡ Test Seives ‡‡ Wedge Wire Screen
‡‡ Stainless Steel Wire Mesh ‡‡ Crimped Wire Mesh
‡‡ Hexgaonal Wire Mesh ‡‡ Industrial Grating
‡‡ Square Wire Mesh ‡‡ Wire Weaving Machine
‡‡ Tower Structured Packing ‡‡ Chain Link Fence
‡‡ Aluminium Insect Guard ‡‡ Conveyor Belt
‡‡ Filter Disc ‡‡ Wire Cloth
‡‡ Heavy Industrial Sevies ‡‡ Pharmacutical Seives
‡‡ Vibro Seives